//You ain't heavy, jump now//

//You ain't heavy, jump now// 

Best brother award goes to...Sozo Tan!

One of life's precious joy is to see your children helping and loving another.
I am very thankful to have these two kids, who shows me what love is, but many times they do constantly test my patience showing my not so pretty side as well and helping me grow as an individual reflecting what's actually in the depth of my heart regarding different situations and challenging my belief system. That's the full package of motherhood, knowing yourself better, growing as an individual, always learning and loving in ways you never imagine you could. 

What touches me deeply in this instance is that Hannah had a very sore and painful feet at the bottom of her sole and she had already struggled to walk for a very long distance all by herself prior before this with the pain.Before this smile emerged as seen in the picture, she was crying as she claims it hurts badly.

Looking at her tears and I was also wondering if this 'pain' is genuinely causing so much tears plus what is the source of the pain, this hero of my little girl started asking, "What's wrong with you Hannah?" and Hannah looked at her brother in tears and said "Kor, my feet is very pain". Sozo without thinking even a second immediately said, 'Aiyo mei, let me piggyback you' and immediately he bent and squat down and asked Hannah to jump on her.

Looking at his respond towards the sister's tears, I said, "Sozo, Hannah is very heavy."
Sozo responded while bending down, "No mummy, she's not heavy." and said Hannah "Jump now"
Hannah smiled and jumped and they both had fun on their way home towards the house. Thank goodness the distance is not too far, and this gesture of Sozo touched my heart so much. He's a boy not of many words to many but when he's alone with his sister and people he is close with there's just so much gems coming forth from that little heart.

Thank you son for teaching me what it meant to take people at their words and not to doubt, to act in love by bending down and believing in yourself that you are able to take the weight. Thank you Hannah for trusting your brother when he said "Jump". You have so much faith to do what you did!

I am learning everyday, and enjoying my little moments with my precious.

Back to sipping my cup of coffee now :) 


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